Micro-Goal Hours

MSI Micro-Goal Lunch Hour

Is there an item that's been languishing on your to-do list? Do you have an assignment to do and just can't harness the motivation to take the first step? Join the Microbial Sciences Initiative for a Micro-Goal Lunch Hour!

Come with a task that is reachable in about 45 minutes - like answering an email or two, writing a paragraph, reading a chapter, or organizing a dataset. MSI will provide you with a boxed lunch, a community to keep you on task, and a structured hour to complete your micro-goal!

Generally scheduled for the first Friday of the month, from noon-1.  Open to all Harvard students & postdocs, especially those with an interest in the microbial world. Registration for a boxed lunch is required and open until noon the day before.  

Upcoming Micro-Goal Lunches