BAARN Meeting

The annual BAARN meeting brings together the leading voices in academia and industry to address a defining global health crisis of our age: antibiotic resistant infection.

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Geology Lecture Hall (Geo100)

24 Oxford St.

Cambridge, MA


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2022 BAARN Partners

Breakthrough Level


Entasis Therapeutics

We are committed to keeping bacterial resistance at bay. And we will never become complacent with substandard medications. Instead, we will continue to create value with new therapies that are precise, effective and safe.

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Seres Therapeutics

Our mission is to transform the lives of patients worldwide with revolutionary microbiome therapeutics.

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Discovery Level


PhAST Diagnostics

We believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning empowered technology can revolutionize the fight against infectious diseases.

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The Microbiotix management team is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to today’s most serious unmet needs in infectious disease.

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CARB-X (Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria)

Life-saving innovation to keep the world prepared for dangerous bacterial infections.

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