Assistant Editor at Footnote

Job Title: Assistant Editor

Employer: Footnote

Location: Remote (Footnote is based in Boston and Washington, D.C.)

Minimum Qualifications: Whether you are a journalist with a nerdy streak or a recovering academic, you should have extensive experience communicating science and social science research and its impact to mainstream audiences. You should have a knack for:

  • Developing compelling story angles and news hooks
  • Writing succinct, clear, engaging prose
  • Structuring an article with a clear, interesting narrative and logical flow
  • Paying attention to detail, including fact-checking and grammar
  • Incorporating ideas and feedback from others (i.e. being a collaborator and editor, not just a writer)

You should be able to understand and synthesize science and social science research from a range of disciplines, talk intelligently with leading academics about their work, and identify the most compelling and important insights at the heart of a piece of research. You should also be able to work independently; manage projects and tasks in a timely, organized manner; and communicate well with a virtual team and with clients.

Description: At Footnote, we partner with universities, research centers, scholars, and scientists to increase the impact and influence of their work by sharing it in outlets such as The Washington Post, Wired, The LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Hill, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review. Our editors work with scholars from schools including Harvard, Stanford, Brown, UC Berkeley, and USC to showcase innovative research and ideas in disciplines ranging from business and technology to public health and education.

Footnote ( is looking for talented writers and editors to collaborate with academics to create articles communicating their research to mainstream audiences. Your job is to help researchers give voice to their ideas by clearing away the academic jargon, teasing out what's most interesting and impactful at the heart of their work, and translating it into accessible, engaging stories.

Application and Further Information: To learn more, please check out our work at and this Inside Higher Ed article by our co-founder that discusses our mission. If you're interested in the position, please send a resume, short email introduction, and samples of relevant work (including pieces you've edited or collaborated on, if you have them) to connect @ with the subject line "Application for Assistant Editor position." In your application, we'd like to know:

  • What excites you about this position? What drives your passion for communicating science and social science to the public?
  • What articles best exemplify your writing style and showcase your ability to translate academic research into compelling, engaging stories?
  • Do you have experience working as an editor or collaborator, in addition to writing your own pieces? How do you feel these roles differ?
  • What topics in science and social science are most compelling to you?
  • Do you have experience working in an academic setting or collaborating with researchers?
  • Do you have experience managing projects for clients?
  • What is your current rate and availability for new projects?
  • How did you find this job posting?

Expiration Date: n/a