Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Center for Stem Cell Therapeutics and Imaging (CSTI) Shah Lab, BWH, Harvard Medical School

Job Title: Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Employer: Center for Stem Cell Therapeutics and Imaging (CSTI) Shah Lab, BWH, Harvard Medical School

Job Location: Remote

Minimum Qualifications: The successful candidate should have a PhD degree or equivalents, with experience in one or more of the following broad areas: microbiology, immune-oncology, tumor models, and tumor microenvironment. We offer excellent training opportunities in a collaborative research environment including genetic engineering, virology, stem cell biology, gene delivery to tumors and imaging disciplines. Candidates with publications in prominent journals are strongly encouraged to apply.

Description: The Center for Stem Cell Therapeutics Imaging ( at BWH, Harvard Medical School invites applications for research fellows. Our research center is focused on developing novel immunotherapies for primary and metastatic brain tumors. Inherently linked to the tumor therapy paradigm, we engineer receptor targeted biological therapeutics and employ genetically engineered imaging markers to image cell fate and monitor their therapeutic efficacy in real time in vivo.

The main goal of this position is to harness the unique attributes of altering the microbiome on cancer immunotherapy therapy to advance next generation cell-based therapies. The successful candidate for this position will be responsible for one or more of the following topics: (1) establishing the role of microbiome on brain tumor development (2) assessing the influence of altering the gut microbiome on cancer immunotherapies; and (3) testing the fate and therapeutic efficacy of this approach in mouse tumor models that mimic clinical settings.

Application and Further Information: Interested candidates should email Prof. Khalid Shah,, and include their updated CV with a list of publications, and a cover letter describing research experience and interests.

Expiration Date: n/a