The Microbial Sciencies Initiative is an intellectual epicenter of microbiology.

MSI was founded on the belief that research flourishes where communication and collaboration are maximized. MSI is a cross-campus entity uniting more than 100 research laboratories at Harvard University and nucleating microbe-based innovation across New England.

    Bacterial Motions by Azul Pinochet-BarrosImage: Bacterial Motions, by Azul Pinochet-Barros, Ph.D. Image description: "A day in the life of a molecular microbiology lab. Bacterial cultures everywhere! All with different strains and genetic constructs. All grown in different media, to various optical densities. All for different purposes, from protein purification to zone of inhibition assays and transformations. All moving in unison, together. A single, unifying motion to provide us with a better understanding of nature. A motion that pushes the boundaries of the known and unknown of unseen entities. Microbes. Beautiful."