MSI Summer Fellowship

Apply for summer 2023!

Applications open from Jan 1 - March 1, 2023.


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To apply...

Part 1 - Apply through CARAT

A complete application to the MSI Summer Fellowship program requires a complete application packet submitted via CARAT. CARAT is the centralized application portal for opportunities across Harvard. For this application, search MSI or use opportunity #6277.

Application materials must be submitted via CARAT; as of 2022, we will no longer accept application components submitted by email.

The CARAT submission should include:

  1. CARAT cover sheet
    1. Submit requested information on CARAT
  2. MSI Research Proposal & Project Timeline
    1. Instructions Describe the research project to be undertaken during the 10-week sponsored fellowship period (approx. 1.5 pages). Then outline the intended timeline for the various aspects of the project (approx. 0.5 pages). This should be developed in close collaboration with your faculty sponsor and/or research mentor.
    2. Format 2 pages, single-spaced, size 11 Arial font, 0.5” margins. Figures are counted in the 2-page limit. References are not counted toward the page limit.
  3. Letter of support from MSI Faculty Sponsor
    1. This should be uploaded directly to CARAT.

Part 2 - Submit this form

You are also required to register as an MSI Fellowship applicant using the form found HERE. This form will allow MSI to stay in touch with you regardless of application outcome. We're excited to welcome you to the MSI community!

Requirements & Expectations

Students receiving an MSI fellowship must be willing to:

  1. Be a current Harvard Undergraduate Student during the summer of the fellowship. Please note that this means that recent graduates are not eligible for funding.
  2. Devote full-time to science research under the guidance of their MSI-Associated Faculty Sponsor during 10 weeks of the summer fellowship.
  3. Attend weekly group meetings of the MSI Fellows. These meetings are generally 1.5 hours per week (specific day and time to be announced).*Please note that we are planning for in-person meetings, but the format and duration of these meetings will be flexible in 2022 to accommodate COVID conditions.
  4. Not register for any summer courses or accept any other paying jobs during the period of the fellowship that would interfere with the completion of student research, unless given permission by your MSI Faculty Sponsor.
  5. Not accept other Harvard-affiliated student research funding for this project proposal unless you are prepared to receive reduced MSI funding. We want to ensure that campus resources support as many students as possible. If receiving funds from other sources, your overall MSI funding will be reduced so that the total amount awarded per student does not exceed $5000 (inclusive of both personal stipend and research supply funds).
  6. Expect your Faculty Sponsor to purchase research supplies/equipment/services in support of your project as deemed appropriate by them with their own funds. This issue should be discussed as students work collaboratively with sponsors to write their proposal.
  7. Commit to the following as conditions of funding: 1) present your research project at the Annual Microbial Sciences Symposium (spring semester following the fellowship summer); 2) present a brief lightening talk about your research during an MSI chalk talk meeting (Fridays during fall & spring semesters).